Lulle Company

Created in 2006 and located in Paris, Lulle is a video & cinema production company who produces films (one fiction feature film, two documentary feature films and future other projects) and who offers services for business (making videos, communicating on Social Media, Media Coaching, Media Training, etc.)

Who was Raymond Lulle ?

“This Art explores all the possible combinations” Raymond Lulle

Crazy character or genious ? Raymond Lulle was born in Catalunia in the 13rd century. Not only was he a troubadour, philosopher and poet, but he inspired thinkers and artists (including the surrealists). Some say he invented computer technics with his very complex combinatory system he invented.

His Ars Magna is a real “machine for thinking” supposed to synthesize everything through automatic reasoning. Made of cardboard discs, it combines many possibilities and builds thousands of sentences.

This combining logical system has been used to compose poems. Today, we use digital technics to compose films.

Ars Magma • combining logical system to discover the truth by Lulle